"Klar zur Wende"

Under the umbrella "Klar zur Wende - Gemeinsam für einen nachhaltigen und sauberen Sport," our partner agency "LckyPlanet" has joined forces with leading clubs and sports organizers to develop a nationwide initiative for more sustainability in sports.
Sailing is taking on a role model function in this initiative and providing a blueprint for other sports. We are facing the challenges of the future and launching joint solution approaches to make sport, sporting events and the basic structures of our sport more sustainable. We are committing to clear goals and a strict set of measures to make sailing nationwide climate neutral from 2025 onwards.

What is it about

"Klar zur Wende" 2022

"Klar zur Wende" Season 2022

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Adelkofer and Karl-Christian Bay 

"Klar zur Wende"